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Tanya Says:

Forgot to add when I call the number back it says it's not in service please check the number and call again! Don't get it not sure how it can call me then???

Tanya Dorsey Says:

This number has been calling me for the last week at least 8 times a day. When I answer it there is no answer at all so I don't even answer anymore. I tried to have it block but my phone will not for some reason.

Daniel Says:

They claim to be a loan company. I applied online for a loan and they called. Please be aware of them. They want to take you for all of your money and rip you off. They are not a true loan company they will never send you your money.

Ankfray Says:

Spam from florida getaways

Mike Says:

I get a call from this number every day. So I blocked my number and called it back. You first get a menu that says to enter your party's extension if you know it, or stay on the line. So I waited until someone picked up and asked what company it was. The lady said they were "account control technologies." I then asked if they were a collection agency and she said "all I can say is that we handle personal business." I laughed and hung up. No legitimate business would be that shady. If this number is calling you, block it and move on with your life.

em Says:

Scammer left a message on my voicemail claiming to call from US Treasury threatening dire consequence like criminal arrest and grand jury indictments if I didn't call back. Called himself Kevin Mason

Matt Says:

The thing as everyone on this site is saying is true. I had the same call and then I called back and someone answered and said this is the IRS. Hahahaha

Cypher Sound Says:

Left message saying "Hello? Hello?" because I never pick up this garbage. I check 800 notes first. I love how this site can produce a search so fast that my phone is still ringing.

Jo Says:

They continuously called. No message. I finally called them back. Got an automated message saying they are SSI, a survey group, and I need to reply to them by email if I wish to opt out of this cold calling crap. Scam if there ever was one. Blocked them from calling back.

Jen Says:

The display number was the IRS hotline #, which confused me bc that's the # you're supposed to call them at about suspicious fraud stuff, not they call you about you being a fraud.. The voicemail was a robot saying they had a warrant for me & to call back at this 241-4401 #.... Stop it.. -,- if they call again then prank them back. Do they know the Internet exists?

uma Says:


Ty Says:

They called me saying they found my resume on career builder at like 8:40 pm. They asked if this was a good time, I replied no. And someone named Marco Alvarez left me a call back number. Very SKETCHY

J adamson Says:

I am receiving strange calls, from few numbers, I am fed up.. don't answer anymore, some of the calls have a country listed when I look, austrailia, Zimbabwe etc

Mimi Says:

These IDIOTS call every night between 8 & 9 pm - I never answer and they never leave a message - Blocking the jerks doesn't work because they just call from other numbers -

Fishing Guy Says:

Took a chance/risk and called this number. The Bell message stated. This number is disconnected and no longer in service. I suggest not to pick up when this Unknown name and number appears.

dwlindley Says:

Received several calls from this number, the person left message saying that they were from the IRS and that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me. Each time the message is left by a different person with a very thick accent. When I return the calls there is always a person giving a fake name. And once I let them know that I am employed by the IRS they hang the phone. This is definitely a scam.

Anonymous Says:

After receiving about 5 calls a day from this number for the last week or so and not getting any messages left on my answering machine, I decided to answer. A man named Chris identified himself as a representative of some solar power company. He started off friendly by assuring me that, as the owner of my home, it will not cost me a penny to install solar panels on my roof. When I told him that I wasn't interested and asked him to remove me from his contact list, he just hung up on me. About three hours later, the same number showed on my caller-id, so I answered again. Chris started his exact same spiel again. When I told him that we already spoke and that I had already asked him to remove me from his contact list, guess what he did? You're right...he hung up on me again. RUDE!

B Says:

Just called. Started with, "This is your final notice that the warranty on your car has expired." Then acted like I called, "Thank you for calling. If your car has under blah blah miles blah blah." Yea I did not call them. SPAM!!! OBNOXIOUS!!! Interrupting trying to work! DO NOT ANSWER. Then when you call back it only says, "Press 9 to be put on the do not call list." Ugh.

Ann Says:

Message made it sound as if legal action would result from not calling back. I was available to speak to anyone on the line but it was a recording to my mother in law's phone - she had a stroke 4 months ago!!!!

Jess Says:

Picked this call up, caller was fundraising for the American Police and Sheriffs Association. I did some research, they also go by the Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation (DPSF) or Police Officers Safety Association (POSA), and they have given roughly 1% of their $9M collected through solicitations to their cause. They didn't even spend their time to use spell check when they created their 'website.' People/organizations like this just disgust me.

Anonymous Says:

Keeps calling each day saying they have filed some lawsuit against me. Just some 7 year old kid who has no life.

LindaB Says:

Got a call on my cell phone this evening. They did not leave a message Only a few people know my cell number so knew this was from a robo caller or something similar. My husband's cell phone number is only one number different than mine but he didn't get a call. Ticks me off that the scammers are now starting to use cell phones for their phony business dealings.

nan Says:

Same. The message says "Internal Revenue ServiceS" (plural) and that they are "filing lawsuit against you." Bad English. I guess none of us have called the number back!!! Jerks. Although it took a minute to figure out it was bogus, that minute was kinda scary.

v Says:

Yes yes, the "IRS" is suing me. I personally love the message that says they're going to meet me on the "courthouse" steps. What vile, useless, disgusting scum these people are. Nothing better to do than call people all day with a b.s. story hoping to snag a victim.

james, B Says:

Called no one answered , most likely automated telemarketer checking to see if there is someone at my number, it will most likely be used to sell my number to another pest , or they will call again from a different fake number that is

Martha Says:

Didn't receive a phone call. However did receive a hot pink postal card in the mail saying urgent call now Important this office is attempting to reach you please contact us immediately to arrange a delivery time. It also had a final notice box with a X and We are attempting to: Deliver box with a X. This was sent out as First Class Mail with a manually placed stamp on it. I looked up the phone # it said to call and it was a Arlington Tx. #

Anne Says:

This people who use this number call every day early in the morning and they hang up once the phone is answered.

SB Says:

Wow! I literally called this number back to tell them off. The guy answering the phone said Kevin Mason was not available and could he be of assistance to me. I told him to never call me again with his ridiculous scam. I then proceeded to ask him how stupid does he think people are that anyone would fall for this. His answer? "Ma'am, there are people who do fall for it." I asked what do you mean by "it"? He responded, "There are people who fall for this trap," and then he hung up on me! He said it with no shame whatsoever! I am appalled. How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

Paul Says:

Ya, I got a call earlier. They left a message on my answering machine with some kind of female automated computer voice. It said to call this number, and if I didn't I would be facing charges. Trust me everyone, Canada Revenue Agency doesn't operate this way. If they find that you owe money, you'll be getting snail-mail first.

FedUp Says:

Called my home phone at 8:03 am then called back at 8:21 am California time I did not answer the phone, they did not leave a message

edna Says:


Rudy Says:

Same deal, sounded like a computer-generated female voice saying the IRS has started proceedings against me for tax fraud and tax evasion.

brian Says:

i just received the dept of Treasury so I called them back an india man answer my guard went up. Don't get me wrong an American can have that accent. When he hung up I called him back he answered again then he said it was bad reception. I lol it was a landline, I told him to get fed

Ken Says:

We got a call from this number today at 2:49 pm and didn't answer. The caller ID was UNKNOWN NAME. No voicemail message was left. Thanks to all who posted information about this number. It will be added to our call blocker.

Anonymous Says:

Yes, I got the call from this number few days back, representative mentioned that they are calling on behalf of US Government and mentioned one of the embassy reported issue against me. So dumb :) This is a fraud number.

Mary Says:

According to another website similar to this one, it's someone selling "google placements." Not sure what that is but that's what they said.

LarryB Says:

This was Legit. I registered for my doctor's "Health Portal", and this computer called my phone with a code # to verify my identity.

john anderson Says:

aller ID read Albany, NY. Did not pick up. Voice mail was just a bunch of background jibberish.Finally someone said hello, but when no reply on my end, hung up.

Anonymous Says:

has to be a fraud. Said they're from the IRS an there is a claim against me. but they did not have my name etc.. and I am Canadian :)

Anonymous Says:

Fraud, pretending to be a US Govt agency. Bureau of citizenship. Ha!

Sher Says:

Called telling me they were from Microsoft It was a scam. Microsoft don't call you

Anonymous Says:


Anonymous Says:


Ellen Says:

SCAMMERS. They claimed they are the IRS and they plan to sue us. (IRS always contacts by US Mail, and we have no pending businesses with the IRS.) This is so annoying.

Patty Says:

Got a call from this number several times within the hour. They wanted money to place me in Chrysler. I paid $3000 but never heard back. Don't trust this head hunter claiming to get you a job. Fraudulent head hunter.

Michael Worsham Says:

July 20, 2016, 1:29 PM - prerecorded home security call from "410-290-0220 Columbia MD" to my landline which is on the national DNC list. Prerecorded call in a woman's voice that started with saying "Hello, this is . . . the FBI reports a break in every ... minutes. " and "If you will let us place a sign in your yard, we will give at absolutely no cost to you . . " The message eventually gave button options.

MDA Says:

BLOCKED - Caller left a PROPHETIC message, I did not answer because I do not know anyone in South San Francisco Bay Area. This prankster keeps changing the number (probably spoofing it, because I have blocked several with the same message). I am surprised that there are no comments on this number, so I think it must be a newly spoofed number.

Estelle Crayton Says:

Yeah I got the same call telling me if I don't call back in a reasonable amount of time, she will report this to my employer. Okay are you scam artist so dumb not to realize that's against the LAW and I'm self employed. Bet others we posted are self employed also that's where they are getting our names.

scumwatcher Says:

Turned call over to a group of scumbusters who claim they can track down and beat the [***] of of these scumbags.

Vanessa Lewis Says:

Left first message on the answer machine stated that I was being sued by the irs and to call. Same thing Monday I call he had Indian accent saying I owe 100,00.00 and it need too be paid or my bank account would be freeze for 5yrs and my property would be seized and driving license when I told himhe was phoned and full of bs he hurry up and hung up I also told him I was going report him too the irs.